3D Printers and Printing

Crafting a 3D-Printed Jig from a Glass Bottle using the EinScan HX 3D Scanner
In an era defined by technological innovation, 3D scanning and printing technologies stand at the forefront of practical and inventive solutions. In our latest video, we demonstrated how Afinia 3D’s EinScan HX 3D Scanner can be utilized to fabricate an ideal jig for a bottle. This blog post will further delve into this process, highlighting the remarkable potential of these technologies. Unleashing the Potential of 3D Scanning and Printing At Afinia 3D, we empower businesses by leveraging the power of 3D scanning and 3D printing to provide innovative solutions. A prime example is the creation of customized jigs for label application machines, a task that can be complicated due to [Read more…]
Customized Prosthetics Using the EinScan 3D Scanners
In the world of 3D scanning and 3D printing, reverse engineering is the most commonly used application across multiple industries. Being able to 3D scan an object and create a customized product is an invaluable skill. 3D scanners allow for the capture of organic and inorganic shapes alike, making them the ideal tool for industries that would struggle with traditional CAD design methods. One such industry is prosthetics. While the functionality of a prosthetic limb is its most important feature, the fit and form of the prosthetic can be just as important for the patient. The comfort a well-fitting prosthetic provides can make a world of difference as does the [Read more…]
Elements of 3D Printing in the Classroom
Daniel Aktas is an art and technology instructor, also known as the “3D Printing Teacher” within his district. He incorporates 3D printing into most of his courses and he works with the 4 elementary schools in the district to facilitate an annual 3D printing immersion event. Coming this November, he will be presenting at the 2019 New York State Art Teachers Association (NYSATA). He plans on showing how he incorporates 3D printing in his classroom and also sharing information about the Afinia H400 3D printers his students use. For more information regarding our 3D printer, click here: Afinia H400+ [Read more…]
Building a Speaker Cart Using 3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering
Background My daughter is in an activity called “Colorguard” and is applying to be a captain for next season. One of the requirements for the application is to do something for the betterment of the Colorguard team. She chose to build a roller cart for a heavy loud speaker their team uses to play the music during practices and performances. Primary Problem How to build a cart that will keep the speaker stable during transport, while still allowing the speaker to be removed easily, and without modifying the speaker. Secondary Problem How to replace a lost handle from the speaker. — Replacing the missing handle The secondary problem was a [Read more…]
Building Skills with 3D Printing
Brian Wagaman has taught Woodshop, Engineering and Technology, and Advanced Manufacturing and Logistics. He also served as the Vice President of the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) for Indiana from 2016-2017. Wagaman focuses on giving kids the knowledge and skills pertinent to what they’ll experience in the world. Taking Off with 3D Printing Brian Wagaman’s classes were recently introduced to 3D printing when their school acquired an Afinia H400 and the Dobot Magician robotic arm. “I’m extremely impressed and excited about the machines,” explains Wagaman. “The students have taken off with them. The 3D printer has had nonstop use for months!” Students use the printer to solve real-world [Read more…]
Tech Ed Students Add 3D Printing to Arsenal of Tools
David Shircliff is the Technology Education teacher for Loudoun County schools. He has been teaching for 26 years, and loves when students have the “ah-ha” moment when they figure something out for themselves. A Surprise Start to 3D Printing Prior to the school purchasing the Afinia H800 3D printer, David Shircliff did not have experience with 3D modeling or printing. “It was actually a surprise when we got the 3D printers,” he says. “We came in, and it was just sitting there! We had an inkling it might be coming, and knew some school administrators had been researching school-friendly 3D printers, but we had no idea they had made the [Read more…]
3D Printed Life-Size Droid
Inspiring Students with 3D printing and Robotics David Shircliff, a Technology Education teacher at Stone Hill Middle School in Ashburn, VA, printed a life-size R2-D2* for his class using the Afinia H800 3D printer. After a year of printing between student projects and ten 1000g rolls of mainly ABS filament, and with the help of VEX components, this beautiful astromech droid was created. Not only can the robot move around, it speaks droid, spins its head, and the upper arm pops out. This is an excellent example of what is possible when 3D printing is combined with robotics and creativity. Please enable JavaScript play-sharp-fill Link Embed Copy and paste this [Read more…]
Shining 3D - Save The World ART Project
Porcelain Rabbit Restoration Shining 3D, the manufacturer of the EinScan-Pro Handheld Scanner and the ES360 Desktop 3D Scanner, is on a mission to capture the world’s museum treasures as 3D scans. They have asked their current EinScan-Pro customers, as well as 3D scanning experts, artists, and museum personnel, to submit 3D scans either by email (info@shining3d.com) or via Sketchfab (tag #EinScan-Pro or #SWART). Shining 3D will be granting awards to their favorite submissions. Don’t have a scanner? Shining 3D will loan a limited number of their scanners to qualifying individuals. To apply, send your name, organization name, position, email, and scanning project details to info@shining3d.com. For examples of projects, and [Read more…]
Announcing the New H400 3D Printer
We are excited to add another option to our H-Series of 3D Printers! The new Afinia H400 is a culmination of affordability, reliability, and simplicity, making it a perfect option for anyone wanting an easy, out-of-the-box 3D printing experience. About the H400 3D Printer With a 4.7” cubed print area, the new printer fits unobtrusively on any desktop, and is extremely portable. The H400 includes new and improved features, such as wireless connectivity and touch screen control, for more simplified and convenient printing, even from an iPad. Another key feature is power failure protection, which allows the printer to resume printing from where it stopped due to a power failure. [Read more…]
New 3D Printing Project-based Learning STEM Kits
Project-based Learning STEM Kits that incorporate 3D printing are an excellent way for educators to introduce 3D printing to their students. They foster important skills that involve problem solving, creativity, and critical thinking. To better serve our education customers, we now offer 11 STEM 3D kits through our online store and our education reseller* network nationwide. Each kit includes hardware, a Student Workbook, and CAD templates. These STEM kits can be purchased in several quantities. Multiple quantity packs include the previous list of materials, along with one Teacher Workbook. Project-based Learning STEM kits available: Mini Boom Box Balance-Bot Warrior Night-Light Solar Powered Battery Charger (shown) Derby-Dash Crash Heart Rate Watch [Read more…]
Students and Teachers Enjoy 3D Printing at BVS
Rod Batschelet is the Technology Specialist at Benson Village School in Vermont. In his role, Batschelet instructs teachers how to integrate new technology, such as 3D printing, into the classroom. He also has an Associates Degree in graphic arts, and a certification in technology from Champlain College. Introducing 3D Printing at Benson Village School Benson Village welcomed the Afinia 3D printer into their school system three years ago. “After I had talked about 3D printing for some time, our district technology manager suggested we move forward with the idea,” says Batschelet. “I did plenty of research to find what I thought would be the perfect fit. Over and over, I [Read more…]
3D Print Ideas for National Coffee Day
This one goes out to all of those 3D printing enthusiasts that fuel their 3D printers with lots of filament, and their bodies with lots of coffee! Celebrate National Coffee Day by 3D printing something that facilitates your caffeine consumption—below are some of our favorite ideas. Keurig® K-Cup Dispenser and Organizer Are you crazy for Keurig? Keep your K-Cups® organized and at the ready with this dispenser by ch4s3r. Custom Sleeve Keep your coffee stylish and hot, without burning your hands. This custom coffee sleeve by sethmoser is here to help. Espresso Cup Rack Espresso enthusiasts can 3D print this espresso cup rack to save some cupboard space. Design by [Read more…]
Prototyping with Afinia 3D Printers Keeps Prices Low for ‘the Little Guys’
Eric Haddad is Chief Problem Solver at DiFi3D (Dimensional Fidelity). DiFi3D makes product development accessible for ‘the little guy’ by keeping costs down in the prototyping phase by using the Afinia H800 and H480 3D printers. DiFi3D Makes Dream Designs a Reality Haddad 3D prints parts on the Afinia H480 and H800 3D printers, and assembles them to show his clients a completed prototype. Haddad started DiFi3D in 2012 as a side-gig, and has grown it into a full-time job that he’s passionate about. “I help people refine and visualize their dream design, and set their product on the path to reality. I work a lot with individuals, and many [Read more…]
Entrepreneurship and 3D Printing in ‘The Garage’
David “DC” Cardarelli is the Garage Manager at the EI Garage, a startup space at NC State University’s Entrepreneurship Initiative. This campus-wide program supports NC State entrepreneurship and innovation by providing students with intellectual and technological resources to foster their ideas and business. Not Your Average Campus Makerspace Makerspaces are becoming more common in communities and on campuses around the globe. The EI Garage at NC State University, however, sets itself apart. “We are a venture creation and prototyping space,” explains DC, Garage Manager. “It serves as a hub to come together and explore entrepreneurial ideas and interests. That certainly involves some aspects that are typical of makerspaces—like having 3D [Read more…]
Announcing the Afinia 3D Printer-Equipped Artists eBook!
Artists’ Stories of Success We’ve seen 3D printing enter the arena in many fields: education, medicine, and engineering, to name a few. But another important field in which 3D printing is becoming popular, and being used for incredible creations, is art. With this medium becoming accessible to more artists, the possibilities of what they can create is nearly endless. We had the privilege of speaking with five “Afiniacs”—individuals who are using their Afinia 3D printers to create masterful artwork—and we are excited to share their stories with you. Download our 4th volume eBook to read about the artists’ creations and experiences. Enjoy! Haven’t read our previous eBooks? Download them below [Read more…]
3D Printing is “Cool” Tech in the PLTW Classroom
Shane Helmich is the 7th and 8th grade PLTW teacher at Olive Peirce Middle School in Ramona, CA. He teaches Design & Modeling and Automation & Robotics courses, incorporating 3D printing into each. PLTW Building 3D Printing Experience Olive Peirce Middle School purchased the Afinia H480 3D Printer two years ago. “The principal gave me the go-ahead to get a 3D printer because we had some extra funds, and wanted to expand the STEM curriculum,” explains Helmich. At the time, Helmich did not have experience with 3D printing, so he researched the 3D printers on the market. “The Afinia brand was recommended by Project Lead The Way (PLTW)” Helmich says. [Read more…]
Lee-Whedon Memorial Library Welcomes 3D Printing
Kristine Mostyn is a Librarian at Lee-Whedon Memorial Library in Medina, NY. The library has an Afinia H479 3D printer and recently acquired an Afinia ES360 3D scanner. 3D Printing at the Library When the Afinia 3D printer arrived at the Lee-Whedon Memorial Library, it was Librarian Kristine Mostyn’s first time using 3D printing technology. “It was fantastic. I picked up on it very fast. The first day we set it up, we were already printing. It was very easy, and the instructions were great. It was a relief that it worked right out of the box,” Mostyn explains. The Afinia 3D printer is used to print a Buddha figure. [Read more…]
3D Printing in the Makerspace at Oliver W. Winch Middle School
Maureen Borgeest is the Library Media Specialist and Debbie Kearney is the library assistant at Oliver W. Winch Middle School in South Glen Falls, NY. The middle school recently created a makerspace in the library, where they use the H800 3D printer. Making the Makerspace a Reality As the Library Media Specialist, Mrs. Borgeest is always looking for ways to improve students’ access to technology and information. Thanks to her, along with the approval and resources of district officials, Oliver W. Winch Middle School opened their makerspace in October 2015. “Makerspaces have been in existence in the library world for quite a few years, and I had read a lot [Read more…]
Checking in with Philip Youngblood, Winner of Afinia H480 3D Printer
Philip Youngblood teaches the Intro to Engineering Design and Biomedical Science classes at Central High School in Keller, TX. He recently won the Afinia H480 3D printer after attending a PLTW conference. In the Nick of Time Youngblood says he was “plain lucky” to be the winner of the Afinia H480 3D printer. “I had a 3D printer at my last school. Then I began teaching at Central, which had a number of 3D printers… but they didn’t work well, and we sent them back. I was definitely excited, and thought it was great timing, when I found out I had won the Afinia H480 for my classroom a couple [Read more…]
Sharing His Love of 3D Making & 3D Printing
Afiniac Eric Quakenbush, of Honolulu, Hawaii, is not new to the maker movement. You can tell from his website that he’s been an avid—and talented—creator for a while, with a background in graphic design. Recently, he shared his passion for making at the Barnes & Noble Mini Maker Faire in Honolulu. Keeping Kids Busy with Building “The activity that I had set up at the faire was aimed at younger kids,” says Quakenbush. “I had actually come up with the activity by accident, based on my experience at my last faire. I had brought a number of foam pieces from a failed robot project I was working on, and had [Read more…]
Students Get Hands-on With 3D-printed Prosthesis
Possibilities Inspired by Playground Observation As 3D printing becomes more accessible to educators around the globe, students are experiencing opportunities they would have never previously imagined. Students at Target Range Middle School in Missoula, Montana are currently working on creating a prosthetic hand for Carter, a kindergartener in their school district. “I was on playground duty and noticed Carter. I’ve seen stories of people creating prosthetics for people and thought, ‘we have someone in our own school who could benefit from this’. I knew our Gifted and Talented students could use the Afinia 3D printer to create something for him,” said Ebelt, an instructor for the district. Ben C., one [Read more…]