Crafting a 3D-Printed Jig from a Glass Bottle using the EinScan HX 3D Scanner

In an era defined by technological innovation, 3D scanning and printing technologies stand at the forefront of practical and inventive solutions. In our latest video, we demonstrated how Afinia 3D’s EinScan HX 3D Scanner can be utilized to fabricate an ideal jig for a bottle. This blog post will further delve into this process, highlighting the remarkable potential of these technologies.

Unleashing the Potential of 3D Scanning and Printing

At Afinia 3D, we empower businesses by leveraging the power of 3D scanning and 3D printing to provide innovative solutions. A prime example is the creation of customized jigs for label application machines, a task that can be complicated due to intricate shapes and designs of objects, such as a bottle.

However, with the EinScan HX 3D Scanner, these complexities become manageable. This advanced device captures a highly precise 3D model of the bottle, serving as the foundation for the jig design and ensuring accurate alignment for label application. The resulting 3D model sets the stage for the next step – 3D printing.

Turning a Bottle into a Precise 3D Model

Our journey from a clear glass bottle to a precise jig starts with the EinScan HX 3D scanner. By spraying the bottle with a foot spray from any convenience store, we create a surface that the scanner can read. Upon full application, we open up our Exscan software to operate the scanner.

The scanner’s high-speed laser lines enable swift capture of the bottle’s surface, using target markers and pyramids for model tracking. Once the scan is complete, we transition into editing to exclude any unnecessary data and generate a point cloud.

Sculpting the Perfect Jig with 3D Modeling

Once the scan is refined, we use our software to align and mesh the scans, creating a watertight mesh that can be imported into any CAD software. With the mesh at a manageable file size, we’re ready to begin the modeling process.

Within the CAD software, we align the mesh, define a plane with a sketch, draw a box around the object, and create depth by extruding it. The box’s edge is then meticulously aligned with the bottle’s tapered edge, ensuring accurate label application.

Finally, we convert the box into a mesh, execute a Boolean operation combining it with the bottle mesh, and carve out the bottle’s impression. The outcome? A 3D-printable jig that’s ready to streamline your label application process.

Revolutionize Your Business with Afinia 3D

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