Dobot Robot Workstation for MG400 and E6
Dobot Robot Workstation for MG400 and E6
Siemens PLC system for MG400 or E6 Dobot robotic arms

Dobot Robot Workstation for MG400 and E6

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Rich Functions

Use the system to teach robotic system calibration, trajectory tracking, communication and more. By combining with the workpiece models, tasks like object tracking, grabbing, inspection, transportation, palletizing and assembly can be carried out.

Easy Operation

By combining lightweight collaborative robot (works with CR3/E6/MG400) and flexible modular units, users can create automation tasks easily.

High Usability

The system covers topics such as robotic system, robotic vision system and optional PLC modular system. Users can deal with the majority of automation tasks after learning. The Conveyor Belt Kit can be used independently with the robotic arm itself.

Component Description
Function Plate Includes track plate, standard inspection plate, and more for various tasks
Mini Vacuum Source Connectable to robot for tasks like soft grabbing and transportation
Dobot Robot Compatibility Works with Dobot CR3, E6, MG400
Conveyor Belt Includes encoder feeding module, conveyor belt module, etc.
Button Control Box Control system for easy operation
Vision Kit Provides powerful visual analysis tools for positioning, inspection, and more
PLC System Module Optional module for advanced control and automation
Base Dimensions 162 mm x 120 mm x 103 mm
Working Environment Temperature: 0° to 40° C, Humidity: 25 to 85% non-condensing

Collaborative Robot Universal Training Platform

Collaborative Robot Universal Training Platform is a teaching platform for vocational schools and enterprise training which integrates a robot, control system, vision system, conveyor belt and other components. It adopts a modular design and can be combined flexibly and easily for automation simulation, such as object detection, grabbing, handling, palletizing, and assembly, as well as teaching projects such as robot system calibration, trajectory tracking, and communication control, helping students acquire skills related to smart robot systems, and improve practical and innovative capabilities effectively.

Core Unit

Dobot Robot

Compatible with various DOBOT robots. Users can choose from the CR3, Magician E6 and MG400 for various needs in different application scenarios.

Vision Kit

Based on Dobot’s software and hardware vision platform, the system provides over thousands of image processing operators with a powerful visual analysis tool which can quickly create vision-based applications such as visual positioning, measurement, inspection and recognition and more for different project needs.

Optional PLC System Module

This module consists of a Siemens S7-1200 PLC, expandable I/O module and HMI touch screen. PLC system quick calibration and control can be carried out through the HMI which increases the device’s application efficiency and accuracy.

Mini Vacuum Source

The Mini Vacuum Source is connectable to the robot with a I/O port to provide 70 to 110 kPa air supply. Tasks such as soft grabbing, transportation and more can be realized with the combination of suction cups.

Conveyor Belt Kit

The Conveyor Belt Kit is equipped with an electric actuator, object sensor and linear encoder to simulate automation in assembly line processes. By combining with the robotic arm, loading and unloading of materials, navigation and grabbing can be realized.

Function Plates

There are several quick change plates in the function plate storage box. These include the track plate, standard inspection plate, guide assembly plate, mobile phone model location plate. They work alongside with robotic system and vision system for vision positioning, measurement, inspection and identification for various tasks such as tracking, grabbing, palletizing and assembly.

Tool Box

The tool box serves the purpose of storing loose components. With buffering and cushioning inside the box, items can be placed safely. There are workpieces, tools, robot adapter board, calibration needle, suction cup, screws, pipe and connectors inside the box.