Testimonials & Reviews

Improving Her Passion with 3D Printing
Rosalee Ramer started driving monster trucks professionally at age 14. Now, at age 19, she is pursuing her Mechanical Engineering degree at Georgia Tech, and hopes to use it to improve her monster truck’s capabilities. Rosalee Ramer is a lot of things: a daughter, friend, college student, and role model, who holds the title as the youngest professional female monster truck driver in the world. Ramer knew from a young age that monster trucks were her passion. “My dad has raced my entire life, so I’ve been around the trucks as long as I can remember, helping out in any way I could.” Although Ramer recalls helping out with the [Read more…]
Testimonial: Larry Lesniak
The Afinia printer I purchased for our local library was perfectly setup right out of the box and has needed no adjustments in the time we’ve been using it. This is a testament to the quality of both the printer and the processes Afinia uses to ensure that each printer is ready to go when it reaches its new owner. ~Larry Lesniak [Read more…]
Testimonial: Lis Bokt - We were super impressed
We were super impressed btw – took less than 30 minutes from install to printing something and 10 minutes of that were finding calipers. 🙂 We at TGG are super proud of the work our sponsors do and we look forward to showing EVERYBODY great your stuff is! Lis Bokt is a photographer, scientist, explorer, linguist, calligrapher, painter, baker, cnc programmer/operator, woodworker in Michigan. [Read more…]
Testimonial: Educator Todd Giglio
Here’s a note to John Westrum, VP at Afinia from Todd Giglio, an Afinia H-Series Desktop Printer user and Technology Teacher: Thanks Mr. Westrum, I am very pleased with my printer that I bought from your company and I appreciate you thinking of me. The 3D printing technology has been a real interest-booster for my class/lab. I am thinking of personally investing in another Afinia printer for my classroom as I find the students in the morning classes are printing all-day prints, which makes the printer unavailable for the afternoon classes! I am finally pleased to see that the students are interested in something other than “VIDEO” games, Ha, Ha! [Read more…]