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The BeastGrip, made from 10 – 3D printed (and 48 other) parts, was prototyped and is manufactured on an Afinia H-Series 3D Printer.
The Beastgrip, made from 10 – 3D printed (and 48 other) parts, was prototyped and is manufactured on a fleet of Afinia H-Series 3D Printers.

3D Printing technology will streamline your design and prototyping workflow. If you currently use a prototyping service, you should compare that cost to printing your prototypes in-house on the $799.00 H480 3D Printer. Prototypes can cost hundreds of dollars each, making an H-Series investment pay off very quickly.

If you have access to a large-scale 3D printer, you can use the Afinia for proof-of-concept and pre-prototyping work. This allows you to improve your designs on a timely basis, without dealing with common large-scale printer backlogs.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"The engineer of the future will be educated not only in design, but additive manufacturing, material science and ergonomics. The designer will be the manufacturer and vice versa.” [full testimonial] - Dr. Chris Williams, Assistant Professor at Virginia Tech’s College of Engineering
"I received some print samples and saw that they were of better quality than the other printers that I had seen. They were also better than some of the prototyping services that I was using. That really got my attention.” [full testimonial] - Steve Ryan, Owner of RyanTech Engineering, specializing in Product Design and Development
"I customized my 3D printer’s settings to achieve the best possible print results and consistency.  That's how I realized that it's possible to make a great quality finished product using 3D printers, and be in control of the whole manufacturing process.” [full testimonial] - Vadym Chalenko, Designer, Inventor, Engineer and Manufacturer

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