3D Printers and Printing

Crafting a 3D-Printed Jig from a Glass Bottle using the EinScan HX 3D Scanner
In an era defined by technological innovation, 3D scanning and printing technologies stand at the forefront of practical and inventive solutions. In our latest video, we demonstrated how Afinia 3D’s EinScan HX 3D Scanner can be utilized to fabricate an ideal jig for a bottle. This blog post will further delve into this process, highlighting the remarkable potential of these technologies. Unleashing the Potential of 3D Scanning and Printing At Afinia 3D, we empower businesses by leveraging the power of 3D scanning and 3D printing to provide innovative solutions. A prime example is the creation of customized jigs for label application machines, a task that can be complicated due to [Read more…]
3D Printed Life-Size Droid
Inspiring Students with 3D printing and Robotics David Shircliff, a Technology Education teacher at Stone Hill Middle School in Ashburn, VA, printed a life-size R2-D2* for his class using the Afinia H800 3D printer. After a year of printing between student projects and ten 1000g rolls of mainly ABS filament, and with the help of VEX components, this beautiful astromech droid was created. Not only can the robot move around, it speaks droid, spins its head, and the upper arm pops out. This is an excellent example of what is possible when 3D printing is combined with robotics and creativity. Please enable JavaScript play-sharp-fill Link Embed Copy and paste this [Read more…]
Shining 3D - Save The World ART Project
Porcelain Rabbit Restoration Shining 3D, the manufacturer of the EinScan-Pro Handheld Scanner and the ES360 Desktop 3D Scanner, is on a mission to capture the world’s museum treasures as 3D scans. They have asked their current EinScan-Pro customers, as well as 3D scanning experts, artists, and museum personnel, to submit 3D scans either by email (info@shining3d.com) or via Sketchfab (tag #EinScan-Pro or #SWART). Shining 3D will be granting awards to their favorite submissions. Don’t have a scanner? Shining 3D will loan a limited number of their scanners to qualifying individuals. To apply, send your name, organization name, position, email, and scanning project details to info@shining3d.com. For examples of projects, and [Read more…]
Students and Teachers Enjoy 3D Printing at BVS
Rod Batschelet is the Technology Specialist at Benson Village School in Vermont. In his role, Batschelet instructs teachers how to integrate new technology, such as 3D printing, into the classroom. He also has an Associates Degree in graphic arts, and a certification in technology from Champlain College. Introducing 3D Printing at Benson Village School Benson Village welcomed the Afinia 3D printer into their school system three years ago. “After I had talked about 3D printing for some time, our district technology manager suggested we move forward with the idea,” says Batschelet. “I did plenty of research to find what I thought would be the perfect fit. Over and over, I [Read more…]
Announcing the Afinia 3D Printer-Equipped Artists eBook!
Artists’ Stories of Success We’ve seen 3D printing enter the arena in many fields: education, medicine, and engineering, to name a few. But another important field in which 3D printing is becoming popular, and being used for incredible creations, is art. With this medium becoming accessible to more artists, the possibilities of what they can create is nearly endless. We had the privilege of speaking with five “Afiniacs”—individuals who are using their Afinia 3D printers to create masterful artwork—and we are excited to share their stories with you. Download our 4th volume eBook to read about the artists’ creations and experiences. Enjoy! Haven’t read our previous eBooks? Download them below [Read more…]
Artistic Action Figures and 3D Printing
Ben Mininberg is an artistic action figure designer, who 3D prints his own creations. He recently upgraded to using the H800 3D printer. Mininberg has been artistically inclined for as long as he can remember. “I’ve loved robot characters, and a had a zillion Transformers,” he explains. “I always had a creative hobby, whether it be making things, drawing, or being artistic in some other way. At one point, I started making lots of model kits, but later decided it was more fun to come up with my own characters. So now, I design almost all my own action figures, and print them in ABS plastic so they can have [Read more…]
3D Printing Beginner Wows With Iron Man MK 42 Prototype
James Christianson is a filmmaker, animator, and artist who is fascinated with the potential of 3D printing. Recently, he created an Iron Man MK 42 Prototype boot using the Afinia 3D printer, and some help from friends. The completed, painted Version 2 of Christianson’s MK 42 Prototype. Looking at Christianson’s 3D-printed Iron Man MK 42 boot prototype, you’d never guess that he’s new to 3D printing. “3D modeling and having a knack for designing sparked my interest in 3D printing,” explains Christianson. “When I bought the Afinia 3D printer in 2013, I decided to take on the challenge of creating a mechanized armor prototype as a challenging hobby.” Self-taught Skills [Read more…]
Designing Projects with 3D Printing, Art, Science, and Engineering
Dot Silverman is an Electronics Designer at Instructables. She has a BA in Physics, with an emphasis in Engineering, and she is passionate about merging creativity and the sciences. — Experience 3D Printing: Art and Engineering 3D-printed mounts used in Silverman’s “Mobile Sun-Seeking Robot” project. “I was first introduced to 3D printing during my sophomore year of college, and started using 3D printers extensively when I joined the Instructables team. I’ve designed everything from ornamental products, like 3D-printed earrings, to more functional items, like 3D-printed components to hold down motors. I’ve found that the Afinia works well for all sorts of projects. Playing Favorites “We have a number of different [Read more…]
The Physical Realm of Natural Disasters and Crime: Doug McCune's 3D Printed Art
Doug McCune is a programmer by day and artist by night. In his 10 years of programming, he has a lot of experience in mapping data such, as natural disasters. He decided to integrate his artistic side to transform the data he is exposed to professionally and to visually tell a story of his city. “I live in San Francisco and experiment with data from this area. I love that my art tells me – and others – about where I live. I also work a lot with natural disaster data, which has been fun to explore artistically. I’ll take the data and work in my garage at night exploring [Read more…]
3D Printing Technology-Integrated Art Projects Engage the Community
Corinne Okada Takara is a Bay Area artist and arts educator who creates technology-integrated art projects. Takara creates public collaborative works of art and hosts workshops at museums, libraries, classrooms and colleges. Her most recent collaborative art project, “A Serving of Shapes,” incorporated 3D-printed art. Art and Education “As an artist and educator, 3D printing sparks my interest on multiple levels. I knew I wanted to explore the exciting possibilities with 3D printing and wouldn’t move my work forward without a 3D printer; I realized this especially after attending a 3D printing expo last fall. I was already working in SketchUp, but the thought of printing my designs was exciting, [Read more…]
Toying Around: Turning 3D Printed Parts into Impressive Designer Toys
David White is a talented freelance illustration and concept design artist in Western Massachusetts. He specializes in robot art and has self-published books and other items for fans of robotics. White began creating 3D-printed designer toys in July of 2013. Some of his big-name clients include Lego and Scholastic. Most adults who spend much of their day around toys usually answer to the name of “mom” or “dad,” and spend their time picking up what a Craigslister would politely term “well-loved” toys. David White is an exception. Toying Around White’s days are almost entirely spent around toys. White’s workbench is filled with parts for his designer toys. However, these toys [Read more…]