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Shining 3D - Save The World ART Project
Porcelain Rabbit Restoration Shining 3D, the manufacturer of the EinScan-Pro Handheld Scanner and the ES360 Desktop 3D Scanner, is on a mission to capture the world’s museum treasures as 3D scans. They have asked their current EinScan-Pro customers, as well as 3D scanning experts, artists, and museum personnel, to submit 3D scans either by email (info@shining3d.com) or via Sketchfab (tag #EinScan-Pro or #SWART). Shining 3D will be granting awards to their favorite submissions. Don’t have a scanner? Shining 3D will loan a limited number of their scanners to qualifying individuals. To apply, send your name, organization name, position, email, and scanning project details to info@shining3d.com. For examples of projects, and [Read more…]
NASA Encourages Students to "Think Outside the Box" with 3D Printing
NASA recently announced its new Future Engineers challenge, The Think Outside the Box Challenge, for students grades K-12. The challenge celebrates the launch of BEAM, which is the International Space Station’s first expandable habitat. It also celebrates the launch of the first 3D printer in space. The Think Outside the Box Challenge encourages students to design an object that can be 3D printed within a 14cm x 10cm x 10 cm build area, and expand in some way (assembles, telescopes, hinges, etc.) to become larger than those dimensions. The challenge is open until August 1, 2016, with semifinalists announced on September 8. More information can be found here. [Read more…]
Afinia Wins RAPID 2015 Exhibitor Innovation Award for H800 3D Printer
We are proud to announce that we’ve received the RAPID 2015 Exhibitor Innovation Award for our H800 3D printer. Pre-orders for the H800 begin shipping in June, with new orders shipping in July. The large build size, HEPA filtration system, and unbeatable Afinia support make this a highly sought-after 3D printer. “RAPID would like to congratulate Afinia 3D on winning the RAPID 2015 Exhibitor Innovation Award for their Afinia H800 3D Printer. The RAPID Exhibitor Innovation Award recognizes the most innovative new products or services exhibited at RAPID that are judged to have the greatest potential impact on the industry,” said Maria Conrado, Event Manager. Afinia 3D was selected as [Read more…]