3D Printers and Printing

Lee-Whedon Memorial Library Welcomes 3D Printing
Kristine Mostyn is a Librarian at Lee-Whedon Memorial Library in Medina, NY. The library has an Afinia H479 3D printer and recently acquired an Afinia ES360 3D scanner. 3D Printing at the Library When the Afinia 3D printer arrived at the Lee-Whedon Memorial Library, it was Librarian Kristine Mostyn’s first time using 3D printing technology. “It was fantastic. I picked up on it very fast. The first day we set it up, we were already printing. It was very easy, and the instructions were great. It was a relief that it worked right out of the box,” Mostyn explains. The Afinia 3D printer is used to print a Buddha figure. [Read more…]
Testimonial: Erin Wincek
Erin Wincek: A Librarian’s 3D Printing Journey Erin Wincek has one foot planted in the library’s tradition of community service, and the other in high-tech. What makes her especially interesting is how she blends the two and her resulting impact on her region. My journey began when I was listening to NPR. I was in the car with my kids and a story came on about 3D printing. I had never heard of such a thing. Time literally stopped and I was transfixed by the possibilities. From then on, I read anything I could find about the subject and talked to anyone who would listen. I still had not seen [Read more…]