3D Scanning

Siemens Solid Edge ST10 - Coming soon to EinScan 3D scanners
Solid Edge ST10 will soon be available for EinScan-SP, Pro, and Pro+ 3D Scanners The ST10 software is a high-performance hybrid CAD system which addresses all aspects of the product development process and brings the latest “Next Generation” design technologies, by adding Reverse Design, Generative design and Simulation modules together with CAD design system. 3D Scanner + Solid Edge ST10 Bundles Special Shining 3D scanner bundles with Siemens Solid Edge ST10 Classic software coming soon for the following EinScan models: SP, Pro, and Pro+. Pricing and Availability to be announced soon. Videos More Information For more information, see this Software Demo PDF or contact us. [Read more…]
Choosing the Right Scan Mode: EinScan-Pro Handheld 3D Scanner
The EinScan-Pro is equipped with four scan modes: Handheld Rapid Scan, Handheld HD (High Definition) Scan, Automatic Scan and Free Scan. Each scan mode is best suited for a particular application, so how does one choose the best mode? The answer is to base your decision on two things: The object’s size and volume. Your required resolution and accuracy of the scan data. Technically, any of the four modes will work—just with varying degrees of success. Choosing the correct mode will produce the best results in terms of efficiency, data resolution, accuracy, etc. This object was scanned in four different modes. Although all produced great results, the best results were [Read more…]
3D Scanning Oversized Parts with the ES360
3D scanning can be used for a variety of applications. But what do you do when the application calls for scanning a very large part? The ES360 is equipped with two scan modes to accommodate both small and large scanning needs: fully automatic mode for smaller objects (7.8” cubed) and free/manual scan mode for larger objects (2.3’ cubed). On occasion, however, it may be necessary to automatically scan oversized parts (meaning they exceed the maximum factory recommendation) on the turntable. This article guides you on how to extend the scan range to handle such scans. Operating in Continuous Scan Mode The ES360 3D scanner has a function called “Continuous Scan.” [Read more…]
Five Tips to Help Your 3D Scanning
Want to make sure your 3D scans turn out as crisp as possible? Make sure to follow these five tips! Set up your projector properly The projector should appear as Monitor 2 in the Screen Resolution window. The projector is an active monitor on your PC – opening other windows on, or moving windows to, Monitor 2 will interfere with scanning. Monitor 2 should be set to these parameters: – Resolution: 800 x 600, minimum – Orientation: Landscape – Multiple Displays: Extend these displays – Refresh Rate: 60 Hz – Monitor 2 must be to the right of Monitor 1, with the tops of the two aligned Check your display [Read more…]