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Professional curriculum now available with the Dobot Magician EDU 4-Axis Robot

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Professional Curriculum Now Available with the Dobot Magician EDU 4-Axis Robot Teach high school and college level students the basics of robotics, as used in industry.

Dobot employed Jim Hanson and Chris Hurd, highly-regarded Project Lead The Way (PLTW) teachers of CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing), to develop curriculum for the Dobot Magician EDU robotic system.

They worked with other teachers from around the nation on the curriculum and field tested the activities with their students to make sure both teachers and students will be successful with the Dobots in the classroom.

The curriculum consists of eight (8) activities, each with a "Going Beyond" section, which empowers students to work independently and do some amazing things that go above and beyond. These eight activities will fill a 10-week block of time in the classroom. The last activity has students exploring deeply into robotics with an open-ended, student-centered project.

The curriculum lists Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) as well as the ITEEA standards for technological literacy that are met through its activities.

Preview of Video Lesson: "Loops and Jumps"