Makers Empire 3D Printing Learning Program for Schools

Maker's Empire 3D design and printing learning program

Afinia has partnered with Makers Empire to provide North American elementary and middle schools with Makers Empire's award-winning 3D Printing Learning Program. This program helps teachers achieve real learning outcomes and increase student interest in STEAM topics. It also builds teachers' confidence in teaching 3D design and working with 3D printing technology. The NMC Horizon Report 2015 highlighted Makers Empire's Learning Program as a "compelling" example of the use of 3D printing in schools. Also, it won the Newschools Ignite Science Learning Challenge. The program provides everything a teacher needs to teach their students 3D printing, including:

  • Easy-to-use 3D design software (iPad, Android, Windows, Chromebook)
  • US, English, and Australian curriculum-aligned lesson plans designed by experienced teachers
  • Teacher’s portal to manage students’ work
  • Online teacher training, resources, and support

How Does the Learning Program Fit into Curriculum?

You can learn more about the learning program and its fit for your classroom by reading Makers Empire's "Bringing 21st Century Learning to K-10 Classrooms." This document details:

    • How Makers Empire makes it easy for schools to introduce 3D design and printing
    • The 21st Century learning goals Makers Empire aims to achieve
    • How the program aids professional development
    • How the program is being used in the classroom

Visit the Makers Empire website to download a sample lesson plan. You can also begin your Makers Empire software trial, or contact us to access the complete 3D Printing Learning Program.

Proven Results

The above video details the results a teacher found while observing his students' spatial awareness over six months of using the Makers Empire software.