Printing with Ninjatek Cheetah Flexible Filament
Sometimes, your 3D printing project requires more flexibility than you get when using ABS and PLA filaments. For those projects, we suggest using Ninjatek Cheetah Flexible Filament. It’s available in several colors and works great with the Afinia H-Series 3D printers. Here is an example of an R/C car tire, printed in the color “water.” The tire was printed in shell mode on the Afinia H480, and is soft and flexible in order to handle the bumps it encounters during off-road R/C action! [Read more…]
Introducing New Graphene Enhanced PLA Filament
We are excited to announce the new addition of graphene enhanced PLA filament to the collection of filament options on our store site. The new filament comes in graphite gray and features enhanced thermal stability, print quality, and first layer and Z-axis adhesion. With these features, the graphene enhanced filament is great for use in industrial applications, bringing increased strength to industrial 3D-printed parts. Users will also benefit from reduced shrinkage and warpage for increased part accuracy. The graphene enhanced filament produces a great, metallic graphite-looking finish, and is certified for use with the Afinia H-Series printers, set to optimum extrusion temperatures (200-210 C recommended). Please note that an external [Read more…]