Ten 3D Projects to Spookify Your Halloween

3D printing is the perfect resource for creating your own Halloween decor and costume accessories. Here’s a few of our favorite Halloween items for you to print!

  1. haunted-house-thingiverseHaunted House
    Halloween is never complete without a haunted house. Give your decorations a spooky finish with this haunted house design by Thingiverse user markwheadon. Maybe even go the extra distance with a little fog and some spooky sounds to complete the eerie effect.
  2. 3D printed napkin ringsHalloween Napkin Rings
    Having guests over for a murder mystery dinner, or a good old Halloween dinner party? Here’s the perfect design to keep your napkins at the ready for any sort of ghoulish spills that may occur.
  3. The Elder Wand
    elder-wand-thingiverseWe don’t think Harry Potter-themed costumes will ever go out of style.
    If you want to be an extra powerful witch or wizard this year, The Elder Wand is the perfect 3D printing project for you—just handle this powerful wand with care!
  4. Halloween Mason Jar Lantern
    3D printed mason jar lanternDo you like to upcycle? Grab your mason jar and 3D printer to create this great Halloween lantern décor addition. Use indoors during your Halloween bash, or outdoors to shed a little light on the many creatures and characters that lurk about in search of candy.
  5. Halloween Pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern
    3D printed jack o lanternFun lighting never gets old. This Jack-O-Lantern by Dizingof has the added bonus of looking awesome in both daylight and night time settings, making it perfect for indoor our outdoor festivities.
  6. Cauldron
    cauldron-thingiverseWhy should the trick-or-treaters have all the fun?
    Print your cauldron (courtesy of Drazen), throw on your pointy witch hat and pull out your spell book. Serving candy from a cauldron is just more fun, for all parties involved!
  7. Spider Web Coaster
    spider-coaster-thingiverseDon’t let thoughts of water rings haunt your dreams! Prepare for those icy drinks and creepy condensation with these spider web coasters by Thingiverse user BrookTrout. They’ll make sure to catch the pesky water droplets before they terrorize your tabletops.
  8. Freddy Krueger Clipz, Nightmare on Elm Street
    Freddy Kreuger Chip ClipDon’t ruin your party with stale chips. Keep your treats fresh with crazyman2099’s Freddy Krueger clip. We think it is a great final touch for those Halloween get-togethers.
  9. Gear Pumpkin
    Gear PumpkinYou can’t think of Halloween without thinking of pumpkins, and gears are a fun addition to any project. That’s why we love redpawfx’s gear pumpkin. He warns that assembly is a bit tricky (do you think his pun is intended?), but we think the Afiniacs can handle it!
  10. Iron Man Arc Reactor
    Iron Man Arc Reactor ComponentsWe couldn’t finish the list without including a link for the Iron Man Arc Reactor. Abare has provided STL files for the components here, to help make your Iron Man costume as epic as possible.