Time Lapse Thursday: Scripted Vase

Happy Time Lapse Thursday!

Today we wanted to print something that is unique, and customizable, while still being an item that you could proudly display in your home or office.

We printed a Scripted Vase created by hakalan. We chose to use the Classic version of this file, although you can choose from a long list of alternatives for yourself. We still altered this version to be a little bit taller in the Z axis. The end result was this unique piece, that will beautifully display pencils & pens on my co-worker’s desk.

We printed our file at

Z Layer Resolution: 0.15mm

Fill: Hollow


Material: ABS

Quality: Fine

With Raft

Size: 65.89 x 75.96 x 128.99 mm

Min: -102.95 x 32.02 x 2.00 mm

Max: -37.05 x 107.98 x 130.99 mm

There are quite a few vase options for your download from this designer, and all of them seem to fit any desire you may have for a unique decoration. We found that although they are beautiful, we do still need to keep in mind that some of the pieces we create are delicate and fragile. And perhaps that’s why we like these so much!

Until next week, Happy Printing!