Time Lapse Thursday: Coral Cuff

Happy Time Lapse Thursday!

Today we wanted to print something that would appeal to our Creative Afiniacs. We actually printed a few of theses, and have grown quite fond of how interesting they look in photos. We’re on a mission to print one of these in every color of filament, so we can recreate our owl photo.

We printed a Coral Cuff created by pixil3d. We are working our way through printing these with every filament color, but the end result will be a beautiful display of this unique piece that will showcase the H-Series ability to master fine detail in a production style format.

We printed our file at

  • Z Layer Resolution : 0.15mm
  • Fill: Solid
  • Shell
  • Material: ABS
  • Quality: Fine
  • With Raft
  • Size: 66.92 x 68.11 x 26.74 mm
  • Min: -103.46 x 35.95 x 3.00 mm
  • Max: -36.54 x 104.05 x 29.74 mm

Once we’ve got all the colors printed we’ll do a follow up post to let you all know how it went, and you can see the final results. Maybe we’ll get so good at printing these that we’ll offer them up for sale to all Afiniacs. Wouldn’t that be something…? Until next week, Happy Printing!