What is the "Next Wave" of 3D Printing?

Over the past few years we have heard, “3D printing is cool, but I don’t really know how that translates to real world stuff”. Here’s how some of our Afiniacs are pushing the boundaries of their industries and hobbies:

Vadym Chalenko

Graphic designer, illustrator, protyper, and product designer extraordinaire. Owner and creator of the Beastgrip. Just finished shipping the last of his 600 Kickstarter orders, made from 10,000+ 3D printed components.

Robert Hughes

Designer, prototyper, and fishing lure industry innovator. Owner of Lucky Bug Lures, a family-run business located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Bob has revolutionized the fishing lure industry by releasing several new lures each season, as opposed to a new lure every few years.

Glen Risberger

Designer and creator of robots (enough said). Mentors a First Robotics team in suburban Portland, OR. Has his Afinia on-hand for last-minute design revisions and repairs during his students’ robotics competitions.

Are you a technical professional that uses the Afinia 3D printer? We’d like to hear from you. Or, has this post inspired you to research how 3D printing can benefit your field?

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