Time Lapse Thursday: Zookins-Animal Napkin Rings

Welcome to another edition of Time Lapse Thursday!

This week we decided to have a little fun with what we printed. We chose to print some things that all ages would smile at, and yet are still functional.

We printed some Zookins – Animal Napkin Rings created by gwygonik. Feel free to use these for your every day dinner setting, or a cute little surprise for your kids at dinner. They also double real nice as distractions on your desk during those long conference calls.

Any way you choose to use them, they are cute, durable, and certainly a conversation piece!

We printed our files at

Z Layer Resolution : 0.20mm

Fill: Hollow

Material: ABS

Quality: Fine

With Raft

Size: 10.00 x 86.84 x 66.45 mm

Min: -64.00 x 25.58 x 3.00 mm

Max: -54.00 x 112.42 x 69.45 mm

Until next week, Happy Printing!