Time Lapse Thursday: Knot Vortex

Happy Time Lapse Thursday!

This week we’re highlighting the H-Series’s new capability for pausing the print and swapping out the filament. We chose to print a Knot Vortex designed by SteedMaker, and printed it on glass.

This object was printed with a normal quality setting and the printer still turns out this amazingly detailed object. The whole print took about 9 hours to complete printing, and this is including the time for the 2 filament swaps. It turned out to be a nice piece that everyone here at the office comments on when they walk past.

Our file was printed at:
Z Layer Resolution : 0.20mm
Fill: Loose
Material: ABS
Quality: Normal
With Raft
Final Print Size: 64.90 x 109.85 x 122.42mm
Printed on Glass

Have you tried the pause printing feature yet? What about swapping filament colors, what have you found works for you? Let us know what you’ve tried and what you think about this piece.

Until next week, Happy Printing!