Time Lapse Thursday: Gold Atom

Welcome to Time Lapse Thursday!

For today’s print, we’ve chosen a model of a Gold Atom created by greensiant83. At first glance, this print may look quick and easy, but once it’s finished, you get a surprise that can only be had by 3D-printing the model. This file is set up so that each ring has the appropriate configuration of electrons, and they all rotate. This gives you the ability to hold a replica of this element, and allows you to engage your students in a new and interesting way. Take a look at the final print.

We printed our file at

Z Layer Resolution : 0.15mm

Fill: Hollow

Material: ABS

Quality: Fine

With Raft

Size: 122.79 x 122.92 x 7.55 mm

Min: -127.40 x 8.54 x 3.00 mm

Max: -4.60 x 131.46 x 10.55 mm

Have you had the chance to use 3D Printing in your classroom? We’d love to hear how you are integrating this technology into your curriculum. Until next week, Happy Printing!