Time Lapse Thursday: Despicable Me Minion

Welcome back to Time Lapse Thursday!

We’re working hard to bring you some of the coolest, most intricate prints that we can find, but sometimes we get a little side tracked. Such is the case for this week. While we were searching for some interesting prints, we happened across some Despicable Me Minions. This minion was created to be part of a minion army and was designed by Doodle_Monkey. We didn’t stop with just one minion, oh no, we decided to see how many there are out there that we can print. Well we found three, and this little guy is created after the minion in the movie that is named Nurdle. We hope he brings a smile to your face, because he sure lightened up our day!

We printed our file at
Z Layer Resolution : 0.15mm
Fill: Big Hole
Material: ABS
Quality: Fine
With Raft
Size: 40.91 x 70.95 x 69.68 mm
Min: -90.45 x 34.52 x 3.00 mm
Max: -49.55 x 105.48 x 72.68 mm

We had so much fun printing Nurdle, We’re contemplating printing a whole army to defend our office. Also you can’t have too many minions, they just seem to make you feel more important. And now, to take over the world!

Until next week, Happy Printing!