Time Lapse Thursday: Cute Octopus

Welcome to Time Lapse Thursday!

For today’s print, we chose a design that was created and is used by one of our fellow 3D Printing enthusiasts. This print is called “Cute Octopus Says Hello.

We wanted to print this octopus for any of you that are still on the fence about purchasing a 3D Printer. If you are looking to purchase these are some things to consider: initial investment, filament type & cost, warranty options and, most importantly, customer service and support. Another consideration is the print resolution. We printed this octopus using the ‘fine’ setting, which created a very smooth look and feel.

Awww… Go ahead, you can say it… it’s so CUTE!

We printed our file at:

Z Layer Resolution : 0.15mm
Fill: Big Hole
Material: ABS
Quality: Fine
With Raft
Size: 97.46 x 98.81 x 67.80mm

We’d love to hear how you fared when printing this octopus. Please feel free to post your comments. Until next week, Happy Printing!