Time Lapse Thursday: Customized Artistic Bowl

Happy Time Lapse Thursday!

This week we wanted to show off the fine detail capability of the Afinia H-Series printer. To do this we chose to print a Customized Artistic Bowl designed by rhuff.

This object was printed with a normal quality setting and the printer still turns out this amazingly detailed, fragile looking, decretive vase that would be a unique centerpiece for any desk or coffee table in your home or office.

Our file was printed at:

Z Layer Resolution : 0.20mm

Fill: Loose

Material: ABS

Quality: Normal

With Raft

Final Print Size: 89.92 x 125.75 x 85.31mm

Printed on Glass

Printing this on glass made it very easy to detach it from the platform. The support material was easy to remove and the small section that actually touched the print platform was quite easy to separate once it was finished printing.

Let us know what you think about this piece, and until next week, Happy Printing!