Time Lapse Thursday: Continental US

Happy Time Lapse Thursday!

We thought an educational video would be timely and appropriate for today’s Time Lapse Thursday. This was the second time we printed the Continental United States by anewsome, and it seemed to work out better the second time. The first file we printed pretty much the way the file loaded on our platform, and we had a hard time separating it from the platform due to it’s fine detail, and shallow build area. The second time we printed it, we bumped up the Z resolution to make it a bit taller. This alteration added more stability, and mass to the print; resulting in a better looking finished file.

We printed our file at

Z Layer Resolution : 0.15mm

Fill: Loose, Shell

Material: ABS

Quality: Fine

With Raft

Size: 79.65 x 129.01 x 5.04 mm

Min: -109.83 x 5.49 x -0.21 mm

Max: -30.17 x 134.51 x 4.84 mm

The file only took just over 4 hours to print at these settings, and it’s a great piece for educators to use in their classroom. It leads us to think that we’d like to start a series of prints that highlight the states individually. We’ll have to do some research to see what we can find or create.

Let us know if you would be interested in having a series of US State files to print, it could be an adventure!

Until next week, Happy Printing!