Time Lapse Thursday: Church Bracket

It’s happened to everyone, you’re working on a project and SNAP! – a piece breaks. Then you have to make that inevitable trip to the store and buy just one item to complete your project. But the store sells your ONE item in packs of 4… What do you do? Instead of enduring all that, why not just 3D Print your replacement piece? Which is precisely what we’re showing you today!

Today we printed a Church Bracket created by Steve Carlson. Steve reached out to us and sent us this file to print. It turned out great, and saved him (and us) a trip to the store!

We printed our file at:

  • Z Layer Resolution: 0.15mm
  • Fill: Solid
  • Material: ABS
  • Quality: Normal
  • With Raft
  • Size: 100.35 x 101.35 x 25.15mm

Next week will not publish a time lapse, we will be home celebrating the holiday with friends and family. But be sure to check back after the holiday for a very special announcement!
Until next time, Happy Printing!