Time Lapse Thursday: Block Tower

Welcome back to Time Lapse Thursday!

For today’s time lapse we wanted to show a print that will highlight the Afinia H-series’ ability to couple fine detail with chaos. We found this Block Tower file created by MichaelD33. It was straightforward, but anything but simple. We had a bit of a rough start to this file. We documented our first attempt on our Instagram page. Needless to say, that the first attempt didn’t go as planned. So, the file was sent off to our techs. They ran it through a fix program for us, and did some of their techie magic. Our second attempt for this print went much smoother and it highlighted, again, just how AWESOME our Customer Support Team is.

We printed our file at
Z Layer Resolution : 0.15mm
Fill: Hollow
Material: ABS
Quality: normal
With Raft
Size: 91.76 x 106.71 x 42.24 mm
Min: -115.88 x 16.65 x 3.00 mm
Max: -24.12 x 123.35 45.24 mm

Big shout out to our Afinia Customer Support Team, they are the true heroes of this week’s blog, their knowledge and expertise with this technology is the reason this print made it to our Time Lapse Thursday series. Until next week, Happy Printing!