Time Lapse Thursday: Ball Cage Twist

Happy Time Lapse Thursday!

This week we wanted to print something that would be a little difficult to print, but still interesting and has that WOW factor. You may have seen this before, but we chose to print a Ball in a Cage the Twists the design is created by stevemedwin.
We decided to shake things up a bit and print it on a glass piece. The glass was prepped with a solution that helps the filament stick to the plate, and set to dry for a few minutes. Then off we went…

Our file was printed at:

  • Z Layer Resolution: 0.15mm
  • Fill: Loose
  • Material: ABS
  • Quality: Fine
  • With Raft
  • Final Print Size: 42.76 x 42.76 x 104.16mm

The glass plate allowed the print to basically just pop right off, and it made finishing it a breeze. Let us know what you think, and until next week. Happy Printing!