Time Lapse Thursday: Angry Tentacle Guy

This Time Lapse Thursday print came in as a request from our friends over at PrintedSolid. They knew of an Afiniac who was printing some amazing models, and wanted us to get in on it. Well to that we say… Challenge Accepted!

We downloaded the Angry Tentacle Guy, originally created by chaitanyak and reproduced by Afiniac, JuliaDee.

Knowing that this model had successfully been printed on an Afinia H-Series, we weren’t the least bit concerned. We ran the model at a standard setting, lo and behold it turned out great! There are still a few adjustments that could be made to produce a finer resolution, but we wanted to try to push our luck and see how ‘low’ we could go while still getting a great result. Take a look for yourself, what do you think?

We printed our file at:

Z Layer Resolution: 0.15mm
Fill: Loose
Material: ABS
Quality: Normal
With Raft
Size: 99.53 x 115.44 x 109.32 mm

We love it when our Afiniacs send us challenges. Do you have a challenging print that you would like to see featured on Time Lapse Thursday? Contact us via Facebook or Twitter!
Until next week, Happy Printing!