Time Lapse Thursday: Android Kit Kat

Welcome back to Time Lapse Thursday!

This week we have a few people at the Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo, we wanted to print something that will appeal to the inner nerd in all of us, as well as give our team a little something to chat about while at the conference. So for today’s print we chose the mascot for the newest release of Android – Kit Kat created by p0Pe. To all our Android and Google fans out there – How SWEET is this?

We printed our file at
Z Layer Resolution : 0.15mm
Fill: Loose
Material: ABS
Quality: Fine
With Raft
Size: 81.00 x 120.25 x 9.45 mm
Min: -110.50 x 9.87 x 3.00 mm
Max: -29.50 x 130.12 x 12.45 mm

We hope you all enjoyed our print! What technology icons have you printed lately? Until next week, Happy Printing!