Testimonial: Thomas Bender: Mechanical Engineer

I am a Mechanical Engineer with 23 years of product development experience. I have worked at several fortune 100 companies and have used several different kinds/brands of expensive 3d printers. The AFINIA H479 3D printer works very well and the output is comparible to machines I have used. I was very surprised and amazed at how the printer and software handled a small helical gear (1.25″ dia. X 0.375″ tall X 48 teeth.) Printed gear was functional. Start up kit was complete and set-up straight forward. Software occasionally hangs up when sending a print job from the PC to the printer, but a reset of the printer resolves the issue. I would like to see some software enhancements that will provide you control over the fixed wall thickness of 1.5mm. I would also like to see the software “solid” function provide a more refined internal print matrix to achieve improved part density. This is a great product for the money.
Reviewed by: Thomas Bender from Madison Wisconsin. on 1/19/2013