Testimonial: Ralph Jenson: "Support in Mpls - Speak The Same Language"

I have used a couple of other 3D printers. Involved in some kickstarter projects as well for others. This one is the first 3D printer that has ‘just worked’ (almost see below) and I highly recommend it. I have printed in the 5 weeks I’ve had it an amazing amount of ABS. With the holiday season many folks received an ‘I made this’ gift. The problems I’ve had. 1) SD card had to be removed, reformated before it would actually work. 2) ABS printing doesn’t seem to ‘stick’ as well as I would like. I wonder if a bit more heat on the bed would be good. The greatest thing about this printer? Excellent support! I have had a couple of issues and the tech support has been fast and excellent. And appears to be based in Minnesota so we speak the same language.
Reviewed by: Ralph Jenson from Minneapolis, MN. on 1/2/2013