CNET Review - An Approachable, Powerful 3D Printer

Many thanks to Rich Brown of CNET for doing this review.

Here’s a summary:

The good: The Afinia H-Series 3D Printer (H479) strikes the right balance between ease of use and configurability. It also gets you printing faster than any other 3D printer we’ve tested so far.

The bad: The H479 has a smaller build platform than its competitors, some elements of its software are confusing, and your objects will need some post-print TLC to look their best.

The bottom line: No 3D printer is perfect yet, but the Afinia H-Series H479 3D printer is the most approachable model we’ve reviewed, and we’d recommend it to anyone serious about getting started with 3D printing.

The review is very complete and accurate. We especially like the comparison to other desktop 3D printers.