Afinia Wins Make Magazine 3D Printer Buyer's Guide Competition

Our Afinia H-Series 3D Printer won the 2012 Make Magazine 3D Printer Buyer’s Guide competition. Out of 15 3D printers that were reviewed, we won Best Overall Experience, Easiest Setup, and tied in the Easiest To Use category.

Make Magazine’s editors called our H-Series, “ Clear winner” and “Easy to use, with feature-rich software and impressive print quality.”

During the 11/5/12 Google Hang Out, Gareth Branwyn, Make Magazine’s Editorial Director, illustrated the unique precision of the Afinia H-Series 3D Printer. At 19:00 he held up a print of Cushwa’s “Owl Statue” and talked about noticing that there was actually a nostril hole in the owl’s beak. Gareth remarked, “No other printer was able to render the hole.”

Another example of the printing precision of the Afinia H-Series was referenced by showing an example of J_Hodgie’s “Nautilus Gears With Modified Bar”. At 20:51 in the same video, Gareth pointed out, “Very few of the printers were able to print out all of the pins.” In addition, the Afinia H-Series was only one of two printers to successfully complete the “Torture Test”, created by Cliff Biffle, one of the Make Magazine testers.

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