Modification Fabrication Saves Time with 3D Printing
Sam Jarrett is the President of Modification Fabrication, a compression molding business using DAP (diallyl phthalate) in Harrisonville, Missouri, that has been around for over 40 years. Industry-Changing Technology “The first time I saw a 3D printer, I knew it was going to change manufacturing forever,” says Jarrett. “I knew I wanted to add one to the company, but a 3D printer is not a small purchase, so I spent about a year and a half researching different 3D printers.” On top of his research, Jarrett also frequently discussed 3D printing with the man who sells him drills. “We’d talk about 3D printers any time he came by the office,” [Read more…]
Nepal Robotics Project Aims to Locate Disaster Victims
Mike Kronmiller is the creator and owner of Nepal Robotics Project. The international collaborative robotics project aims to develop drones that are capable of locating disaster victims, supporting disaster avoidance, and inspecting vulnerable bridges and aerial lines and cables in Nepal, and worldwide. In 2015 and 2016, his drones were tested at Mount Everest, flying from 1,000 feet above Base Camp to over 19.000 feet above sea level. In 2017, he will test the new system, there, with plans to exceed 23.000 feet in sustained, autonomous flight, carrying an array of sensors. Solving Problems with Technology The Nepal Robotics Project stemmed from seemingly simple beginnings. “I started the organization about [Read more…]
Turbo Boof Gets Turbo Boost with 3D Printing
Eric Flynn is the president of Turbo Boof, a company he started as a creative outlet for the graduate work he was doing in engineering school, and the coursework he was teaching in college. Creativity and Car Parts Flynn started Turbo Boof seven years ago. The company is comprised of a team of young engineers that focus their creative energy on designing high-end aftermarket car parts. “I’ve always been fascinated with advanced manufacturing and cars,” says Flynn, “and the ability to apply design, engineering, and manufacturing into an automotive application quickly became my passion.” Porsche 944 Turbo Throttle Body Flynn has used 3D printing at Turbo Boof from its inception, [Read more…]